Rötelstrasse 124 - 8057 Zürich

For Neighbors by Neighbors

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Direct, Regional, Seasonal & Organic

The Quartier Depot is a cooperatively organized corner shop, accessible for and organized by its members. Through self-service and self-management local and sustainable products for your daily needs are offered at affordable prices and at any time around the clock.

Short distances

Non-perishable and long-lasting products can be found on-site in stock, fresh foods will be ordered for you through subscription (Abo). In that way the different products come even fresher and direct from the producing supplier.

24/7 access

The Quartier Depot is always accessible for its members. Thanks to the digital door opening system products and food can be purchased in self-service 24/7.

Quality Products

The maxim and mission of our cooperative is to provide its members with the best products possible, in regards of being regional, seasonal, organic, and low packaging.

Low margins

The maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and are covered by the monthly contributions of each member. By doing so we can guarantee low margins around only 10%. The more you buy, the more you save.

Everything you need

From organic meat, pasta, wine, or biscuits to cleaning products, you will find everything you need for your everyday needs and household!

Get Active

A comrade needs an Active membership to start shopping.

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