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We are looking for like-minded people!

Access to the shop will be granted if you subscribed to our membership (Mitgliedschaft) to pay a monthly contribution. After the first two month, you need to become a cooperative member of our cooperative.

1. The Membership

To gain access to our store 24/7, you need a membership.

Three Prices, your decision.

You can subscribe to our membership directly in our web shop. The web shop you will later use to shop in the store.

After you subscribed, we will grant you access via Tapkey to the store. Then you can start buying our delicious stuff.

We think it's fair if every adult in your household pays a monthly membership.

You can choose your combination of choice.

By clicking on one of the price boxes, we'll lead you to the web shop. Register for an Account and start your journey. The web shop is in German.

Kids and Teens are incluced in your membership for free.

You can combine your pricing according to your choice. There's a maximum of three subscriptions per household you need to have.


Family Dupont, 2 adults. & 3 kids: 1x Minimum + 1x Ideal = 60 CHF/month
Family Meier, 2 adults. & 2 kids: 2x Super = 90 CHF/month
Big-WG, 8 adults.: 2x Ideal + 1x Minimum = 95 CHF/month
Couple (He: Eco, She: Prada:) 1x Ideal = 35 CHF/month

If our monthly subscription is too high for your budget. Please let us know. We'll find a way.

2. Buy a Share Certificate

After the first two test month, you need to become a cooperative member. Buy a share, and you're a part of it.

The Quartierdepot is a registered cooperative. This legal form enables all members of the cooperative to have an equal, democratic say. By purchasing at least one share certificate (CHF 250.–), of which any number can be purchased, you become a member of the cooperative.

Every cooperative member has one vote at the general assembly, regardless of the number of share certificates. If you leave the cooperative, the cooperative shares paid in will be repaid.

The cooperative capital serves as a liquidity reserve and to buy products. The more members of the cooperative, the more our shop is carried.

It is also possible to purchase only one share certificate without membership. As a patron and passive member.

Fill in this online form and we will send you all the details!

Quartier depot in a Nutshell

App or batch?

Each member receives access to the store 24/7 via the Tapkey app. For 30 CHF you can also purchase a batch that works like a key.

More about Tapkey

Monthly Fee

A Membership, which means having access to the shop at all times, requires a monthly contribution.


The monthly fee is 45 CHF per person and covers the maintenance costs of the shop. This amount is to guarantee smooth-running operations while always keeping it to the absolute minimum as The Quartier Depot is not profit-oriented.

Members are saving!

The low margins per product allow active members to save money compared to shopping in retail where margins of 30-50% are standard. However, this does not mean unfortunately that our products are 30-50% cheaper.

Per Person

One person must be 18 years or older to become an active member, with paying the monthly contribution. If your budget is a little tight, there is also the option of becoming a member but with a reduced fee. Feel free to contact us and let us know, and we will find a way!


You can cancel your subscriptions with a notice period of three months.

Subscription Management

The web shop takes care of the management of the membership subscription. An online payment is required as the Quartier Depot is running only cashless.

We are looking for people who like to get engaged and involved!

In addition to many active members, we are also always looking for people with ideas, know-how and a drive to get involved. Step by step we are aiming to develop ideas further, optimize processes and most important to grow together by doing all of that with the sense of community. We are non-profit oriented, and the board of the Quartier Depot works pro bono on a voluntary base.

That’s exactly why we are more than happy for every helping hand!

I want to get involved

Become a Patron

You would like tosupport us?

Support us now!

The cooperative share certificate enables the Quartier Depot to be sustainably maintained and developed.

It is also possible to purchase more than one share, just like the possibility of purchasing just one share without a monthly subscription, as a patron and passive member.

Any donation that you would like to make is more than welcome and we appreciate it very much!

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