Subscription for fresh products

Our aim is to have fresh food only for a short period of time in the shop. These products should be already sold before delivery. This way we are able to avoid food waste in the store and we can keep the amount of organizational work and support to a minimum.

At the baseline, our subscription for fruit and vegetables are to be understood as packages. We will look together and find the best individual way for you how you will order your fresh products in the future.

The payment for these subscriptions work the same way as with all other products when you pick them up. All prices are per delivery.

Order Form

Change your current Subscription

Go to the Webshop and head to the “Frischwarenabo” Menu-Link.

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Our Offerings

Everything is organic. You can order them in either one-week, two-week or three-week intervals.

Veggie Sub

In a small or a large version


Fruit Sub

2-3kg of fresh fruits. Mostly seasonal but sometimes special imports.



Different types of milk

Molkerei Neff

Natural Yoghurt

Vegan or Natural Yoghurt.

Sennerei Bachtel



Hahn im Glück


Different types of breads

Bäckerei Jung

Order now

To get your subscription started, you will have to fill out the following order form. For now this is only needed once at the beginning.

Order form

Ordering Process

1. Fill in the form

Here you can put together the fresh products that you would like to receive: fruits, veggies, dairy, eggs and bread – enjoy!

2. Delivery
  • Vegetables, fruit, dairy and eggs are delivered every Tuesday to the store
  • Bread is delivered every Friday
3. Modify your Subscription

If you would like to change or pause your subscription, that’s no problem at all. Please let us know by Wednesday 8 o'clock of the previous week.

The Subscriptions-Calendar-Sheet lets you adjust everything easily. Just head to our web shop and click the “Frischwaren-Abos” link in the menu.

4. Wishes, needs or special requests?

Is there something missing that you absolutely need every week? Please send us an email to