We are aiming for products that are regional, seasonal, organic or at least fairly traded, roughly in this order.

Our offer is intended to cover the most important daily needs and everyday products. We offer fresh goods in a weekly organized subscription for vegetables, fruit, bread, or dairy products, always focusing on seasonality and regionality.

And this is how it works

Supply planning

Perfection comes with time.

Together we build up our product range. Active members come up with ideas which will be evaluated and tested by us and if they work successfully, they will stay. It is a constantly changing process.

Over the first year we have tripled our range of products! Approximately 300 products are now available, and more and more treats and goodies are being added over the time.

Our Products

You can find an accurate list of all products that are available in our web shop.

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Our Partners and Suppliers

Next to the collaboration with classic suppliers, we also love to directly engage our members as well as the producers themselves in the delivery process. For example, Lena drops by personally to bring along the Sorbetto ice cream, just like David who delivers his Örlikölsch beer himself on his cargo bike, or Boris who takes care of stocking up the Kaffeepur Kafi and Stefan who makes sure we get the best honey from the Surselva region in Graubünden.

Fresh products in the subscription

In order to get fresh products – like vegetables, fruits, bread, or dairy - members will have to subscribe to our “Abos”. This is how we prevent food waste. The pre-ordered products arrive in the store already sold, ready to be picked up by the subscribers.

This whole process is kept flexible to give members the possibility of opting out of the “Abo” over holidays or any other reason. The subscription can be ordered and organized as an interval of every week, or the members can adjust this to their individual needs and expand the interval to a two- or three-weeks rhythm.

The following link will take you to the section of our subscriptions where you can learn everything about how this process with the Abos is organized as well as what exactly is included. No further questions? Subscribe!

Our Food Subscriptions